The Incarnation of God


Christmas Eve. No big deal, just the day before Christmas, right? Even Christmas isn’t so important, just a randomly selected day with major pagan influences to celebrate the birth of Jesus, right?


While we realize that Christmas is not the actual date of Christ’s birth, and that there are major pagan underpinnings to our celebrations, we must carefully consider the implications of our celebrations. Christ is born. The Incarnation of God himself is the root of our celebration. How does this impact us? What significance does it carry? According to Dr. John Clark, one of my professors here at Moody,

“God, without ever ceasing to be God, actually became what he created in order to reconcile us to himself.” (The Incarnation of God)

Does that move you? The knowledge that God himself would stoop so low as to come live among us, experiencing everything we do and ultimately offering his own life as a payment for our sins is one of the very few things which can consistently move me to tears. He loved us so much that he came to live among us as a man, willingly giving his life for us!

Therefore, on this Christmas Eve, I challenge you to carefully consider who Christ is, and how your understanding of his life affects you. Do not be deceived into thinking that the actions of a man who walked the earth nearly two millennia ago are irrelevant. What will you do with this knowledge? I challenge you to let it make a difference, not only in your beliefs, but also in your actions. Be the person Christ has called you to be. I pray that each and every one of you would have a safe and blessed Christmas, that you will enjoy time with loved ones, and most importantly, that you will all know and experience the love, mercy, and grace of God in your lives.

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