What’s the point?

If you’re a Christian, or if you spend much time around Christians, you are going hear the word theology thrown around, often flippantly. Some Christians love to talk about it, but in my experience, their knowledge is very limited. More commonly, Christians believe that theology is stuffy and limiting, and that it should be left to pastors and professors.

What is theology though? According to Kevin Vanhoozer, professor of Systematic Theology at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School:

“Living to God, living into Christ, living through the Spirit, with others – this is the essence of theology.”

Much more could be said than this, but I feel it captures well the goal and thrust of Evangelical theology. Theology should never be an aimless study of God, but should always purpose to learn more of who God is so that we can more faithfully worship him. This allows us to be better Christians and to better serve those in the church. Vanhoozer states:

“Christians learn doctrine in order to participate more deeply, passionately, and truthfully in the drama of redemption.”

As a Christian, and as someone who has studied theology in a formal setting, I have decided to shift the focus of this blog slightly. Where it was formerly simply a place for me to talk about whatever was on my mind, I will now seek to use my academic knowledge of theology to show how doctrine should impact the church. As the quotes above so poignantly illustrate, proper theological understanding gives life to Christians and allows them a different perspective on life.

Going forward, I will publish short, weekly posts, each focusing on a particular theological topic. The goal will be to provide a brief explanation of the topic, resources for further study, and primarily an application to life. I want to demonstrate to those who read this blog that theology is beneficial and necessary for growth in Christian life. This will not be a place to read about the finer points of major theological debates, as those debates are frequently vitriolic and unhelpful. If what I’m describing sounds helpful, check back in next week for my next post!

In grace and love,

Ben Fredricks

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