The best Friday

What is good about Good Friday? After all, it is the day we mark the death of Jesus Christ, which took place as the result of the outpouring of God’s wrath against mankind, and this upon a sinless man!

Consider the weight upon Jesus’ shoulders, so much that he would cry out “My soul is deeply grieved, to the point of death!“, while at the Garden of Gethsemane, which refers to an oil press, where a heavy stone would crush olives, squeezing every drop out of them.

Consider the apathy of the disciples, who did not know the significance of the moment, and fell asleep three times.

Consider the betrayal of Jesus’ close friend and colleague, Judas Iscariot, who exchanged Jesus’ life for a month’s salary.

Consider the deep love God had for us, that he would send his only son on our behalf, to bear this weight upon his shoulders, to become sin on our behalf, thereby granting us his own righteousness.

Consider the darkness of that night, and the pain and sorrow Jesus went through in anticipation, so much so that blood vessels close to his skin burst and he literally had blood in his sweat.

Consider your sin, which Christ died to redeem you from.

Consider carefully, and do not take this day lightly. Understand the true depth of Christ’s sacrifice for us, and along with it his love for us. He died a brutal death at the hands of pagan butchers so that we can experience eternity with him. He willingly gave up his earthly life and experienced the horrors of the grave. Consider, and be wise.

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