Battle Plan for Lust and Pornography

Singing & Slaying

There are no easy answers in the battle with pornography. There is hardly a man around who is not been exposed to it. Many men have been addicted to it for extended periods of time. It has also become a much bigger problem among females over the last decade. The marriage bed is often compromised because of it. For pastors, it is one of the dominant themes of our ministries. It does not go away.  If it is not being addressed regularly that is not because it is not there, but rather because it is being ignored. 

As a pastor, one the questions I ask the men in my church is, “Are you looking at pornography/sexually provocative materially?”  If they say, “Yes.” I pester them until I get a good idea of how much and how often they look at it.  Then I develop with them a plan to fight…

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