Hi. I’m Ben. I don’t know who you are, because all WordPress tells me is what country you’re visiting from (and sometimes not even that!). I’m really not all that special, so if you’re looking for something earthshaking, you probably won’t find it here. What you need to know about me is that I love God, and that will reflect in my blog posts. If you are searching, I pray that what I write is helpful. If you fundamentally disagree with me, that’s ok. I don’t claim to always be right, but I do my best to support my arguments, and I’m always open to questions.

I guess I should probably tell you something about myself, so here goes: I’m a 24 year old, Biblical languages loving, radio engineer, saved by the grace of the one true God, doing my best to live in a way that brings him glory. I like good coffee, I play decent guitar, acceptable drums, bass, and ukulele and poor piano, trumpet, and harmonica.

My friends all say I’m a hipster, so I guess that must have some element of truth to it, but for the record, my favorite genre of music is Metalcore. I know Koine Greek better than any modern language except English. Read more about my academic work here.

I write occasionally and attempt to take on a topic in theology (either a commonly misunderstood topic, or one which is important to understand for faithful Christian life), and describe the ideas and debates surrounding that topic in such a way as to demonstrate its relevance to Christian life.

Fun Fact: My blog name (Son of the Right) comes from the Hebrew name בִּנְיָמִן (Binyamin), which literally means son of strength, or son of the right hand.

Ben Headshot 2017

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