The Art of Lament

Note: The title for this post comes directly from an excellent video which was produced by my good friend Pavel Adámek. Check out the video here.

Something that has been weighing heavily on my mind in the last week or so is the idea of Christian lament. How should Christians go about the grieving, mourning or lamenting process? I believe this is an issue the church has failed to address for a long time, and one that we must speak out on. Continue reading

Books, volleyball and Greek grammar 1

This post is more filled with my own reflections on the past year than on anything else. I may describe things I’ve learned, I may talk about events or people who influenced my thoughts, I may run with a topic that has been on my mind. This might not make sense, but it will be a valuable look into my mind.

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Jobs, moves and life lessons

Hello all.

It’s been a while, and I want to update those of you who are interested in what I’m up to.

I just finished my freshman year at the Moody Bible Institute. This past semester I led worship at my church every week, worked in the Moody Publishers warehouse, took a full class load and by the grace of God, managed to survive freshman year and grow a lot through it. I’m currently writing this from my very first apartment, in the Logan Square neighborhood of Chicago, about 4 miles from campus. I moved in last week! My other big piece of news is that I accepted a job with Moody’s tech support service, where I will be working full time for the summer and switching to part time in the fall.

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Glorifying Business?

I saw this picture today. It struck a chord with me. I am guilty of this, and I realize that’s not a good thing.

I know, I’m a college student, I’m supposed to be busy. That’s not the issue. (Though it can be).

So many times I have posted something on Facebook about how full my life is. I am legitimately busy. I work almost 40 hours a week, on top of going to school full time. That’s hard, no question. But ultimately, I choose my commitments. Nobody stands over me, threatening to harm me if I don’t take every opportunity that I come across. I am in charge of my life, and I have freely chosen to take on every responsibility that I have. With that perspective, it’s a little bit harder to glorify my busyness.

I’d say even that isn’t the main issue though. Yes I’m busy, yes I complain about it sometimes (sorry to those who have to put up with it!). Am I really complaining though? Or is it more complicated than that? I know myself fairly well, and if I’m honest, those posts about how busy, tired, or whatever else I may be are simply an attention seeking mechanism.

That’s not good.

I know I shouldn’t look for the attention of people to be happy, but it’s so easy! It’s easy to get attention, all I have to do is say something about how hard my life is, and my virtual friends leave me sympathetic comments. Oh wait….

That doesn’t glorify God, first off, and it certainly isn’t profitable for me, or for those who happen to read whatever junk I post.

So, for all of you who I have subjected to my complaining, I am truly sorry. I will do my best to avoid plaguing you with such negativity in the future. Instead, every time I’m tempted to write about how “hard” my life is, I’ll post something grateful, because God has blessed me. Even if I don’t feel like He has, simply having the ability to take my next breath is a gift straight from Him.

To the Glory of God.

Glorifying Business?